2022 Election: Debbora Wilson, Holmdel Board of Education

HOLMDEL, NJ — Deborah Wilson is one of eight candidates seeking three full seats on the Holmdel Board of Education in the Nov. 8 general election.

In these profiles, based on the questions, the candidates give the voters an account of themselves and their positions on the issues. The patch spreads to each person until the election.

Wilson has been a teacher for 14 of 18 years in Freehold Township and is a current literacy interventionist. The theme of his campaign is “School and Community Advocacy”.

“I have always embraced advocacy for children and families in my professional community and the opportunity to bring this experience and perspective to Holmdel Township,” she says.

Read more about the candidate Deborah Wilson:

Town of inhabitants; Holmdel

Position sought: Board of Education

Are you an incumbent or do you have previous school board or civilian experience? No

Do you have a campaign design or scrap? School and Community Advocacy

Family: I have lived in Holmdel for 14 years and have two children who attend Holmdel Township schools. When I first entered the Holmdel schools, I was inspired by the positive energy and passion for education. Since moving to Holmdel in 2008, I have had the privilege of meeting my children and so many wonderful educators, neighbors and friends.

Education: I have a BA in Education from Loyola College in Maryland and a Masters in Education Administration and Supervision from Rutgers University.

Occupation; teacher


I was a teacher in Freehold Township for 18 years. I spent 14 years as a school teacher and today I serve as an interventionist for the first literature. In my role in Freehold Township, I am a member of the School Safety Team, School Improvement Panel, Intervention & Referral Services Team, Data Team, and Curriculum Writing committees.

I have always been passionate about advocating for children and families within my professional community and would like the opportunity to bring this experience and perspective to Holmdel Township.


The issues that I believe need to be addressed are student achievement, social and emotional well-being, and teacher retention.

I believe it is important to look at district, school, grade and grade level data to determine areas where students need additional support and use an intervention framework to improve instruction and therefore increase achievement.

I believe that we need to inspire our life in the School of Health to further support the social and emotional well-being of students. In Holmdel, we are fortunate to have amazing leadership departments, a partnership with Rutgers Behavioral Health Care, and support professionals in our buildings. I think we can capitalize on the knowledge of these professionals, as well as our administrators and teachers to promote tools to prevent and intervene in the social movement of students.

To maintain schools that have high academic achievement and social security, we need to hire and retain the best educators. We must actively gather information from educators in our district to determine the benefits of working in Holmdel and what the Board of Education can do to further support the effort.

What changes or improvements do you see for the country that could improve the quality of education and how can you make it happen?

If elected, I will commit to strengthening the relationship between all levels to create a cohesive and collaborative community. I value communication, transparency, respect and relationships. I look forward to working together to create the best experiences for all children.

Candidates for the Holmdel Board of Education:

Full Term – Voting for Tribes

  • Debbora Wilson, School of Community Advocacy
  • Elizabeth Urbanski
  • Chris DiMare, Save Holmdel Schools
  • Jeff D. Mann, Save Holmdel Schools
  • John Buckley, Save Holmdel Schools
  • John Lam
  • Alicia Unusan, Education First
  • Matthew Weisfeld, Education First

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