2022 Hyundai Venue Facelift Sports Lean And Clean Improvements

Hyundai Venue has become a household name in the last two years. A leading sub-compact SUV, Venue has clocked three lakh units sales, wowed the customers with an array of powertrain choices, creature comforts and in the process helped Hyundai top of the SUV sales chart for consecutive years.

Being a manufacturer, what can you do to a product that’s simply a powerhouse? Understand the pulse of the consumer and fine tune the Venue, responds Hyundai. The 2022 Hyundai Venue facelift is essentially old wine in a new bottle. Engines, transmissions and mechanicals remain untouched, although the facelift wears a new set of clothes and additional attention has been paid to improve the quality of interior.

Seven color choices to choose from, including a smashing red and black dual tone, Venue facelift sports a glittery smile and bossy stance from the rear. Venue’s parametric jewel grille looks futuristic, which is inspired by the new, in-bound Tucson. LED headlights are more powerful than ever, Venue appears a tad bit wider to the eyes due to application of parallel lines on the front and rear bumper. And I’m sure the visually-funky looking rectangular light elements around the rear LEDs, which in fact are connected using a light bar, must have reached your social media stream of reels and shorts. Lastly, the 16-inch alloy wheels are also new.

Thankfully, the changes made to the cabin aren’t as radical as the design of the Venue. Cabin layout is neat to begin with. Hyundai has used dual-tone fabric in the cabin. The 8-inch touchscreen feels crisp, the interface has been laced with 60-odd connected features and a buyer can choose and set among 10 regional languages ​​to read the commands and inputs on the infotainment UI. That’s simply smart and I’m predicting other carmakers will take a cue and work on this.

Like it or not, Venue borrows the D-cut steering wheel from the new-gen i20 and also features a fully-digital instrument console. Driver’s seat gets semi-electric adjustment, where height is fixed through a manual lever and reach with an electronic push. Venue, for most parts, always had a nicely packaged cabin. To knit pick, rear seat space bothered a few and Hyundai seems to have corrected that as well. Incline for the rear seat passengers is now a two-way adjustable thing and back cushioning of front seats have been scooped out to liberate those extra few millimeters. Again, smart!

As per Hyundai, that was the facelifted Venue – ready to reclaim its supremacy. Engines, transmission and mechanicals, as mentioned earlier, are carried forward to the facelifted Venue. If you are looking for a Venue diesel, toggle between drive modes to alter between efficiency and performance. Additionally, the dual-clutch transmission in the 1.0 turbo variant is an improved unit.

Key Details


1.2-liter petrol: Rs 7.53 lakh-Rs 10.69 lakh
1.5-liter diesel: Rs 9.99 lakh-Rs 12.32 lakh
1.0-liter turbo-petrol: Rs 9.99 lakh-Rs 12.57 lakh

Transmission choices:

1.2-liter petrol (83hp): Manual
1.5-liter diesel (100hp): Manual
1.0-liter turbo-petrol (120hp): iMT and DCT

(The above article has been written by Anirban Mitra.)


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