2022 World Series: Houston fans hit out at Philadelphia restaurants that rejected Astros’ catering requests

In the year As the World Series moves to Philadelphia in 2022, the Astros have become a source of controversy. At least one local restaurant reportedly received backlash from Houston fans after it failed to accommodate the Astros’ catering requests.

Angelo’s Pizzeria turned down the Astros when offered a catering deal. Angelo was initially accused of serving food to Houston, but they emphatically denied that claim in an Instagram story.

After that post hit social media, owner Danny DiGiampietro said the restaurant immediately received a response from Houston fans on social media. DiGiampietro told the New York Post he couldn’t accommodate Angelo’s Astros on short notice.

“We have no problem cooking for anyone,” DiGiampietro said. “The problem was that it was too late. I have to be at 3, 4 in the morning to bake all the bread. There was no way, so it didn’t work.

“People tell me there are stories of the Astros being malnourished and that wasn’t all.

Once Houston fans found out about the store, “all hell broke loose,” DiGiampietro told Angelo. Some Houston fans even found Digiampetro’s home address and license plate and shared them online.

A Twitter user claimed to be the cousin of Angelo’s employee He alleged that Astros fans had called in bomb threats.. DiGiampietro also said callers had been raving about the store for two days.

“There are tiktok challenges to throw a cheesesteak in my face, you get $250… [working at Angelos] “People with southern accents were calling us on the phone saying ‘let’s eat st’ and ordering pizza,” DiGiampetro said.

Mike’s BBQ also went to the Astros and is believed to have asked about the team’s meals, according to a screenshot posted by the restaurant, but the establishment does not deny food to anyone. Instead, Houston was misinformed and Mike led the group to the correct diner.

After hammering the Phillies 7-0 in Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead, the Astros needed some food. Houston desperately needs a win Wednesday night, or the Phillies have a chance to close out the series at home on Thursday.

Game 4 starts at 8:03 pm ET on Fox and will be streamed on Fubo TV (try it for free) (try it for free) The Phillies put Aaron Nolan on the mound for the first time. In his final appearance, he will go against the Astros’ Cristian Javier, who threw 5 1/3 shutout innings against the New York Yankees.

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