3 Times Indian Cricketers’ Wives Stopped Internet Trolls From Spreading Fake News

Social media has a significant impact on how fans see players, support personnel, and athletes’ families in the modern era and throughout the global era of cricket.

The best performances and memorable moments in cricket matches and even entire series are frequently spoken about, but there are times when the same players are criticized for their recent slump in play or even social media remarks.

In several instances, the wives of cricket players have defended them online in an effort to silence trolls who were trying to disparage the sportsmen.

Here are three examples of cricketers’ wives criticizing fans on social media:

1. Mayanti Langer Stands Up For Stuart Binny

Mayanti Langer and Stuart Binny have experienced a lot of insults over the last several years due to the inconsistent career of the Indian all-rounder.

Mayanti reacted to a fan who had mocked Binny in February 2020, by saying that her husband was too busy enjoying life and playing cricket.

2. Anushka Sharma On Being Served Tea (World Cup 2019)

Actress Anushka Sharma, the wife of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, was criticized online for the rumors of receiving tea during the 2019 ICC World Cup by former Indian cricketer Farokh Engineer. Anushka was also accused of participating in selection procedures and discussions behind closed doors, and on October 31st, she tweeted a lengthy response that addressed the aforementioned concerns.

In addition, Anushka said in her statement that she was requested to join the High Commissioner in the group photo that quickly became popular on social media.

Anushka Sharma spoke out once again when Sunil Gavaskar mocked Virat Kohli by saying: “During the recent lockdown he only practiced Anushka’s bowling, I saw a video. But that is not going to be enough”.

3. Sakshi Singh Ends Rumors Of Dhoni Donating Rs. 1 Lakh For COVID

It was widely claimed that MS Dhoni had contributed Rs. 1 lakh through a Pune-based NGO to aid employees’ families in Pune during the final week of March 2020, when the globe was experiencing the deadliest COVID-19 outbreak.

The former Indian captain received abuse and criticism for making such a “small amount” of money at the time. Sakshi Singh, however, attacked what she saw to be irresponsible journalism on that front on Twitter, accusing Indian media outlets of publishing misleading news.


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