5 Best Computer Repair in Aurora, CO

Below is a list of the top and leading Computer Repair in Aurora. To help you find the best Computer Repair located near you in Aurora, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Aurora’s Best Computer Repair:

The top rated Computer Repair in Aurora, CO are:

  • MPC Express Service Inc. – is where your one-stop solution can be found
  • uBreakiFix – fixes and reconciles you with your gadget
  • Fast-Tex – is the nation’s chief on-site computer service business
  • Caspicom Computer Services – is a locally owned and managed IT business
  • Aim High – has been assisting Apple users since 1989

MPC Express Service Inc.
Computer Repair in Aurora

MPC Express Service Inc. is where your one-stop solution can be found. They have more than 4 decades of experience, and their top-notch customer service can quickly resolve the issue. They understand how important your high-tech electrical items and gadgets are to you and how much they have become a part of your daily routine.

MPC is all about getting you back up to speed with a fully operating monitor, printer, computer, or laptop that has been correctly fixed. They have access to a variety of online databases for maintenance manuals, software updates, specialized tools, and parts at MPC.


Monitors, Printers, Computers, Digital Video Cameras, Home Theater, Audio


Address: 3005 S Peoria St #C, Aurora, CO 80014
phone: 303-369-3552
Website: www.mpcexpressservice.com


“Boris was thorough and professional, he fixed my printer with ease and even gave me tips so that the issue won’t recur with the dry climate in CO. I would give him a 10/10 if I could, highly recommend it! He fixed an Epson printer for me.” – Ana K.

uBreakiFixTop Computer Repair in Aurora

uBreakiFix repairs and reconciles you with your gadget. Whether you want to play games, take pictures, or get work done, they always prioritize their consumers. They have teamed up with Samsung to offer a secure and convenient way to recycle your old, obsolete, or unwanted electronics. They are your one-stop-shop for all types of computer and laptop repairs. All PCs receive a free, no-obligation diagnostic. Quality parts and computer and laptop instruction. All repairs come with a one-year warranty.


Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Computer Repair, Game Console


Address: 16710 E Quincy Ave Suite B, Aurora, CO 80015
phone: 720-912-7570
Website: www.ubreakifix.com


“Customer service was excellent. Everyone was very professional. I needed my console to be fixed they found the problem immediately and got the job done quickly. Highly recommend going there to get any electronics fixed.” – Showtime J.

Fast-TexComputer Repair Aurora

Fast-Tex is the nation’s chief on-site computer service business. It provides a comprehensive set of IT services to fulfill your whole corporate and personal requirements. Thousands of small businesses and homeowners have relied on their experts, trainers, and website developers for computer repair and service.

Call them right now to speak with a professional technician about your computer and IT issues. To deliver exceptional services, their qualified technicians and trainers are matched your demands.


Business Repair Services, Residential Repair Services


Address: 3830 S Emporia Way, Aurora, CO 80014
phone: 303-756-1114
Website: www.fastteks.com


“Fast-Teks sent a tech out to my home in Aurora, CO to repair my computer. Fast-Teks Computer repair arrived at my home within 1 hour. The computer repair technician was able to remove the virus on my computer and protect my network. In addition, he saved me from losing all my documents! ” – Nathan Z.

Caspicom Computer ServicesGood Computer Repair in Aurora

Caspicom Computer Services is a locally owned and managed IT business. They specialize in PC and laptop repair and support for small businesses and individuals in the Aurora and Denver Metro Areas of Colorado. They take pleasure in being a reputable computer repair company. Their technical specialists will provide you with honest, dependable, and professional assistance. Their company was founded on trust and client pleasure, and the majority of the services listed below are repaired within hours, if not the same day.


Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Data Backup & Recovery, Mac Repair, Malware & Virus Recovery


phone: 720-841-8694
Website: www.pcrepaircompany.com


“Vasif has always been there when I needed him. He certainly knows his way around the computer and the internet. I highly recommend him. We have become friends and I trust him with all my computer needs.” – David M.

Aim HighOne of the best Computer Repair in Aurora

Aim High has been assisting Apple users since 1989. In 2018, they became an Apple Authorized Service Provider and launched a shop at Stanley Marketplace. Warranty and hardware repairs have been added to their team and service options. They provide full-service IT support, including CTO, CIO, proactive maintenance, managed services, BYOD (bring your own device), and networking operations, primarily for Apple products and third-party integrations. They offer solutions, teach, explain, and implement technologies to help you, your employees, and your company is the best they can be.


Apple Services, Standard Services, Business IT Plans, Personal IT Plans, Data Recovery


Address: 2501 Dallas St suite 280, Aurora, CO 80010
phone: 303-271-1288
Website: www.aimhigh.com


“Zach was great to work with! He got me fixed up with a new speedy drive to replace the failing hard drive on my older (late 2013) Mac. And bonus – I got my computer back much quicker than I thought I would. I am so glad to have found Aim High that can help me with all my Mac and Apple needs!” – Deanna B.

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