89 pole-mounted charging stations to come up in Kannur


For the first time in Kerala, 89 pole-mounted two-wheeler and three-wheeler charging stations would be established in 10 constituencies in Kannur. In addition to the pole-mounted charging centers, two DC fast-charging stations for four-wheelers have already been completed in the district.

The pole is equipped with an energy meter and it has a system for measuring the units while the vehicle is being charged. The payment can be made through a mobile application, and in case of emergency, the station features a provision for charging four-wheelers as well.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) decided to set up an extensive network to cater to the needs of autorickshaw workers following the success of 10 pilot charging stations, which were established for the first time in Kozhikode city in October 2021.

The per unit rate will be ₹ 10, while at major charging stations, the cost with be around ₹ 15.

With the completion of the district-level inauguration, scheduled for May 16, by the Electricity Minister K. Krishnankutty, an extensive network of 92 stations owned by KSEB will be operational in Kannur district, including the existing fast charging center in the vicinity of the Chovva substation.

Palakkad is the next district where the construction of charging stations is nearing completion. Four major stations and 87 pole-mounted ones will be set up in the district.

A press release from KSEB said that the agency aims to set up an extensive network of 1,165 charging centers in 140 constituencies across the state by July for two-wheelers and autorickshaws.

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