A WFU professor explains why education is a hot topic in NC elections

With more than 1.4 million students enrolled in North Carolina public schools, education issues are always a factor in elections.

But this year, learning loss in the wake of the pandemic, struggles over curriculum and greater awareness of the power of school boards are putting education front and center for the vote, said Dani Parker Moore, professor of multicultural education and assistant principal of schools. , Education and Society minor at Wake Forest University.

He says voters should focus more on local school board curriculums. From large social media campaigns to funding by Political Action Committees or PACs, these races are expanding across the country and in North Carolina.

Parker Moore’s research addresses inequalities and educational opportunities for social action through qualitative research and analysis. Her current work examines the experiences and challenges essential for workers and parents/caregivers to provide while adapting to online learning during the pandemic.

What are the key education issues voters care about most about the 2022 midterm elections?

People are really concerned about learning about the damage from Covid. They are really concerned about where the kids are now and feeling like the kids are from that time. Another part of this big conversation, not just in North Carolina, but nationally, is that a lot of educators are leaving the teaching force. People are nervous about teaching conditions, teacher pay. Many of these school districts are under heavy pressure, and it’s not just teachers, but at all levels, including principals, custodians and assistant principals.

Why are running board games in the spotlight?

“The curriculum and how parents feel about certain issues are of concern to some voters. This includes heated debates the role of schools in teaching students about gender, sexuality and gender. The term critical theory is used in some campaigns. In The past of circus games is often overlooked, but that has changed in recent years. In some North Carolina districts, most or all school board seats are boarded. It basically comes down to what the party’s speeches are, and what the values ​​of those candidates are.

Why does board game selection matter?

“School board elections are really important because if you look at the general statute of North Carolina about what school boards do, they do a lot. They pick the superintendents. Their main goal is that there is an opportunity for a good and basic healthy education for every child, but when you get down to it, power they have the budget, they decide what is funded or not, they create the policies of the district – they also have a hand in what books are in the schools. There is a line in the general statute that talks about if they don’t choose accepted public art, they can choose different art. They can really change the direction of the district.

Preferential voting in North Carolina runs through Saturday, November 5

Media Note: Wake Forest University Education Professor Dani Parker Moore is available for comment on this year’s general election. Contact Keri Brown at 336-758-4442 or C: 336-971-5402 or media@nullwfu.edu.

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