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AKRS Equipment Solutions is hoping that its new facility – slated to possibly open next year – will help its business serve its customers better, according to store manager Eric Semin.

AKRS is a full-line John Deere dealership that has 27 locations throughout the Midwest; almost all of which are in Nebraska. The current location is along Highway 15 on the north end of David City. In January, AKRS announced plans to build a new 40,000 square foot facility in the town. The new building will be located just north of the current location.

The David City location offers a variety of services and a diverse product line, said Semin. A lot of their business is parts and service, and equipment for large ag, small construction equipment and lawn and garden products for small ag, he added. AKRS also sells other product lines that John Deere may not normally keep in stock.

“We’d like to kind of say we have solutions for every field that is a baseball field or a farming field or your backyard might be a field for you,” Semin said. “We have a lot of different options for a lot of different customers.”

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AKRS has been in David City for quite a few years, Semin noted, and it has been at its current facility since the 1970s. The new site will be on the north end of town.

“It’ll be significantly larger than what we have and capable of supporting our customers the way we need to,” he said. “As the equipment gets larger and the technology improves, we also have the upgrade to our assets and our facility to match that growth.”

The majority of their equipment has technology. Their combines have about 15 computers on it, he said.

According to Semin, the new facility will allow businesses to operate more efficiently while taking care of customers’ equipment and repairs.

“We’ll be able to stock more efficiently with our parts departments. … Primarily our major focus is in the shop and service area, “Semin said. “Majority of our building is focused around allowing our technicians and our customers to really have a good space for us to get stuff in, get it taken care of and get it back to them so they have limited downtime. That ‘s their biggest challenge is downtime. And if we can keep them in the field instead of in our facility then we’re doing our job the right way. “

Parts Manager Doug Schmid agreed.

“The big thing that we’re looking at, that I think is going to help the most, is probably the storage for parts,” Schmid said. “… we’ve got this part storage back here, we’ve got some out in the warehouse, but we’ve got our parts kind of different all over the place right now.”

Having all of these parts in one place will be a tremendous help, Schmid added.

“I’m looking forward to that, where we’re not going to have to stack parts on top of each other and they’ll just find it much easier and that much easier to organize,” he said.

“We’ll be able to increase our part numbers quite a bit. So then we’ll be able to have a lot better availability for the customers. “

Generally the repairs that are serviced at the business are big jobs that take longer, Semin said. For a short turnaround with repairs, AKRS has a fleet of service vehicles that will go to the customer’s farm or field.

Like other businesses, there have been some supply chain issues at AKRS but not as bad as other places, Semin commented.

“We have been blessed our company is strong enough that we have been able to leverage some of our other facilities and may have pieces and parts or equipment that we need to help cover our customers and keep them going,” Semin said.

Schmid said there are usually a few parts to the order that they will have trouble getting, but most of the time, it can be achieved.

“Sometimes we have to hunt and we have to call other dealerships outside of our AKRES dealership and try to recover parts that way,” Schmid added. “… you have to call quite a few dealers sometimes before they’ll get the part out, that’s everybody’s looking for the same part.”

Semin said the supply chain issues are “slowing down at some point.” Demand has been high, he added, and a lot of people are looking to buy a wider range of things – equipment, cars, etc.

“Having issues getting the product and increasing demand has probably amplified the situation a little bit more than maybe we’re used to,” he said. “Demand will back down at some point in time, the supply chain will ramp up a little bit more at some point in time – it’ll even out.”

During the April 13 interview, Semin said crews started moving dirt that week at the new location.

“The supply chain could cause us problems. We don’t know exactly what some of that looks like, “Semin said. “We’re kind of hoping we’ll be in our new facility by this time next year, so spring of 2023. That’s assuming everything falls into place.”

Semin noted the excitement around the new facility. It will always be a challenge finding help, he added, and it will benefit both the AKRS and the David City community at large.

“We’re pretty confident having a top-of-the-line facility that has air-conditioned shops and heated floors and overhead cranes … (is) going to attract some employees to look at our community and maybe think this would be a great one. place to come work – buy a home, go to the schools, “Semin said. “It’s definitely going to be a positive. I think everybody’s going to be very pleased when they see what the facility finally looks like and what it’s going to bring to the community. “

David City is also seeing other developments as well as potential housing and a large soybean processing facility near the town.

“I think you’ll see some really big growth out there on the north side of town in the town of David City,” Schmid added.

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