Another message about the “landing” threat at Atherton schools listed the names of students and staff: Head

FLINT, Mich. – Police and Atherton school leaders are investigating another “drop-in” message threatening violence, this time listing the names of students and staff.

On Thursday, November 3, Atherton Headteacher John Plouffe sent a letter to parents about the new threat.

Classes were canceled for three days from 26 to 28 October due to another airborne threat on 25 October. The district has since hired armed security guards and installed metal detectors in junior/senior high school classrooms.

School officials received a report of the landing around 11:10 a.m. Thursday and Burton police were called. The school was put on lockdown.

Airdrop messaging on iPhone allows you to send messages to other iPhone users from a short distance, usually 30-40 feet.

While police were at the school Thursday, several students received a second threat to drop off, Plouffe said in the letter. That message, he said, “contained a list of names of students and staff who threatened violence against them as individuals.”

Plouffe said only the students’ names were on the list.

He asked parents with reason to believe their child’s name was on the list to contact the high school Friday morning.

“The amount of stress and frustration felt in the community is at an extreme level,” Plouffe wrote. “These airfields impact our students’ ability to learn and work in a safe and secure environment.”

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Plouffe said the school will remain open and the district will continue to use the metal detector and other security measures announced last week.

The original Oct. 25 drop-off threat, which Plouffe believed came from another student, came a day after parents expressed displeasure with the Atherton Board of Education over the arrest of a music teacher for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old student.

Some parents accused the school administration of lack of transparency and failure to quickly inform parents about the development of the situation.

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