Barcelona: Lewandowski dreams of playing for Real Madrid: Why did he sign for Barcelona?

Barcelona‘s biggest signing of the summer, Robert Lewandowskihas explained why he chose to sign for the Blaugrana after coming close to signing for Real Madrid previously.

Lewandowski was on Real Madrid‘s radar during both his Borussia Dortmund spirit Bayern Munich days, with photos of the reported contract he was offered in 2013 also having leaked on the internet.

“When I saw how determined Barcelona were to get me, I knew that this transfer was much more realistic than any of my previous links with Real Madrid,” Lewandowski explained in an interview.

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Lewandowski’s dream was to play for Real Madrid

Lewandowski acknowledged to SPORT1 in the past that “there were talks with Real Madridbut nothing came of it.”

Sources close to the Polish striker, who was playing for Bayern at the time, confirmed to MARCA in 2018 that “Lewandowski‘s dream is to play for Real Madrid…”

Robert Lewandowski has come very close to joining Real Madrid multiple times during the course of his career.

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Lewandowski: Living in Spain and playing in LaLiga was always a dream

The prolific goalscorer also talked about his family and private life in Barcelona.

“It’s not as bad as I expected, people respect my privacy,” Lewandowski admitted.

“Of course, Barcelona is a tourist destination, during the season there are a lot of visitors, so this could change. We are an active family, we like to walk.”

“Living in Spain and playing in LaLiga [Santander] was always a dream, not only in sporting terms, but also in private terms.”


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