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ESCANABA — Students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business have a clear transfer pathway with Bay College and Lake Superior State University’s (LSSU) renewed degree program agreements.

Recognizing the educational and economic development needs of the citizens of Delta County, Bay College and LSSU have a history of working together. In 1989, LSSU began offering baccalaureate degrees in accounting and business administration in Escanaba, shortly thereafter other articulated degrees were added. These renewed degree agreements provide pathways for students to start at Bay College and transfer to LSSU’s Sault Ste Marie campus or remain local.

“Now more than ever, we need to support student learning and access to educational opportunities,” states Cindy Carter, Bay College Vice President of Business, Technology, Allied Health and Workforce Training. “The continued partnership between Bay College and LSSU and the opportunity for local students to have access to Bachelor Degree programs close to home is critical to supporting our students, workforce and the communities we serve. We are excited to renew our long-standing agreements with LSSU.”

“We continue to strengthen our partnership with Bay College,” adds Dr. Kimberly Muller, Dean of the College of Innovation and Solutions, which includes the Lukenda School of Business. “Students who have transferred from Bay College to complete these bachelor’s degrees at LSSU have a proven record of successful employment.”

Students can seamlessly transfer to LSSU’s Lukenda School of Business in Sault Ste. Marie to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, cannabis business, entrepreneurship, finance & economics, international business, management, or marketing. Students desiring to remain local also have options of earning baccalaureates in accounting, business, criminal justice, education, general studies, and nursing, without ever having to leave Bay’s Main Campus in Escanaba or West Campus in Iron Mountain.

“I’m excited to re-formalize these agreements which are another example of the strong partnership between Bay and LSSU – a partnership that benefits our local students through convenience and cost savings,” said Heidi Rife, LSSU’s Escanaba-Iron Mountain regional center director. “These agreements allow students to leverage their Bay College credits into LSSU’s baccalaureate degrees and further career opportunities.” Rife serves as an on-site advisor at Bay College, which enables students to prepare early for continuing their education through LSSU.

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