Bayonetta 3 doesn’t have a very subtle reference to Devil May Cry

They are basically the same game already.

Don’t tell fans of either series, but Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are essentially the same game. Both are high-octane third-person action games where the main characters fight monsters, angels, devils, or whatever, using pistols. Both have combo systems where you can seamlessly interweave dozens of different attacks to increase a style meter that rewards the player with more points at the end of the level. And both games were made by the same guy: Hideki Kamiya. She even admitted in a 2009 interview that Bayonetta “evolved” from Devil May Cry.

Kamiya is also known for referencing his past titles in current games, so it’s no surprise that he decided to make a not-so-subtle callback to the first Devil May Cry in Bayonetta 3.

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Another similarity between Devil May Cry and Bayonetta is that they both feature large fiery spider monsters. In DMC, that monster is called the Phantom and appears as a boss fight in both Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2. In Bayonetta, the demon Phantasmarani is a boss in the first game, a mini-boss in the second game, and in Bayonetta 3, a weapon and movement ability.

But in the first and third games the primary encounter is between Dante and Bayonetta Go in pretty much the same way. Both begin with the spider monster dismayed at having “caught” or “preyed” them, and then both heroes insult the demon as they casually approach it and rap it twice on the head. Then the spider monster threatens to squash the hero. The only difference is that Dante actually has to fight the Phantom in Devil May Cry where Bayonetta 3’s demon recognizes the magical powers and joins his side.

Keep an eye out for more references to Kamiya’s past games throughout Bayonetta 3, now available on Nintendo Switch.

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