Beaumont makes 3 major changes to city manager employment agreement

The city of Beaumont appointed a new city manager earlier this week, but not before it made some changes to an employment agreement offered to the prospective candidate.

Kenneth Williams’ employment agreement was approved at Tuesday’s meeting and was the third version of the agreement presented to the council.

Many of the changes were made for consistency and to reflect the City of Beaumont Policies and Procedures.

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1. Williams will no longer receive severance if terminated for “engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with a subordinate.”

In the original agreement, the “good causes” that would warrant Williams’ termination but still provide him with a severance package included “engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with a subordinate.” However, that has since been removed and is now listed with causes that would not include severance.

The item was a major concern at Tuesday’s meeting.

In this section, the word “knowingly” was also removed from the beginning of two statements — “falsifying records or documents related to the city’s activities” and “misinterpreting material facts to the Council or other city officials in the conduct of the city’s business.” .”

As a result, Williams would not have to knowingly falsify records or misinterpret facts to be terminated. However, he’d still receive severance if fired for these reasons.

2. Williams’ can now also be terminated if he is unable “to perform his duties with reasonable accommodations”

A section listing the reasons Williams could be fired now includes an inability to perform his duties — including illness, accident, injury, mental incapacity or health — for four successive weeks beyond any paid time off, Family Medical Leave Actor Short-Term Disability Time.

This section also was updated to include a provision that would allow the council to terminate Williams if it states its intention to do so in writing and is in accordance with the terms of the document.

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3. Williams can accrue a maximum of 1,280 hours of paid time off.

The paid leave section combines references to vacation time or sick time to simply reflect “paid time off.”

In addition, the same section changed all references of vacation time or sick days to paid time off.

Williams also now will be unable to earn compensatory time for all work hours spent on city business beyond 40 hours. Instead, he can earn compensatory time for hours worked beyond 40 during a mandatory evacuation or city closure.

He will also be entitled to discretionary time, but accrual is not allowed and he will not be paid for such unused time.

While Williams will still begin employment with 80 hours of paid time off, they’re no longer paid upon separation.

“Should the Manager’s employment cease prior to his accumulation of PTO he will not be paid for any unused time under this provision,” the agreement reads.

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