Bucks Cancel Game 7 Watch Party in Milwaukee After Friday Shootings

The Bucks have canceled their Game 7 watch party in the “Deer District” after a shooting in the area outside of the Fiserv Forum left multiple people injured after Game 6 on Friday night.

The team issued the following statement in response to the shootings.

“The shootings that happened in downtown Milwaukee last night were horrific and we condemn this devastating violence.” the statement read. “We are grateful to local law enforcement for its valiant efforts to try to contain what was a dangerous and fluid situation. While these incidents took place outside of Deer District property, it clearly resonated with fans coming out of the arena and leaving the plaza. ”

Milwaukee mayor Cavalier Johnson imposed a two-day curfew for Saturday and Sunday beginning at 11 pm after three separate shootings near the local entertainment district on Friday left more than 20 people injured.


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