Burbank Arts & Education Foundation Gives BUSD $50,000 Fall Grant

Burbank Arts & Education Foundation Grant Check pass

The Burbank Arts & Education Foundation (the Foundation) announced funding of nearly $50,000 in its third grant cycle for digital cameras, musical instruments, social and emotional learning, diversity in book selection for libraries and classrooms, technology, professional development for teachers, schools seating arrangements, dance and theater programming, visiting artists and artist supplies.

Foundation Chair Brenda Etterbeek, along with Grant and Donor Chair Carolina Solberg, reported the grant funding to Burbank Unified Schools at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, November 3, 2012, bringing the total contributions from the Foundation to over $96,000 in 2022!

Brenda Etterbeek said, “The year 2012 has been incredible to support Burbank’s United Students. Our foundation is committed to meeting the needs of each student and this year’s grants reflect our mission in action. Our foundation is committed to growth next year. BUSD Superintendent Dr. Matt Hill said, “BUSD is very appreciates the continued partnership with BAEF.We look forward to seeing amazing and innovative ideas come to life in classrooms thanks to the generous funding support provided by BAEF.

About the Burbank Arts & Education Foundation:

The appointment was made on October 1, 2020, after Burbank Educational Foundation and Burbank Arts for All Foundation It is designed to create a unique, unified voice for Burbank students.

The mission of God Burbank Arts & Education Foundation to engage and inspire the community to invest in meeting the diverse educational needs of all 15,000+ BUSD students.

By merging two powerful organizations, we aim to increase impact through more strategic fundraising efforts to support EVERYONE students at Burbank United Schools. The new foundation will continue to support innovation and excellence in schools, including arts education, STEM programs, student health and wellness, and other needs within BUSD.

History of Succession

Both foundations have a long history of positively impacting and supporting BUSD students through grants robust endowment of over $1,000,000, advocacy, programming and community engagement programs.

The Burbank Arts & Education Foundation will build on the successes of individual non-profits and enhance our effectiveness as a unified framework. Please join us in our mission to provide critical support for our community.

The foundation welcomes community support to continue its mission. For more information on how to get involved, or donate, go to www.BurbankArtsandEd.org.

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