Community rejects Lansing Central School District’s proposed $23 million capital project

LANSING, NY—On Tuesday, 18% of the active voting population in Lansing turned out to vote on two capital projects proposed by the Lansing Central School District (LCSD) for 2022, which would cost $25.8 million.

The two projects are the Non-Pipeline Alternative (NPA) project, which addresses the moratorium on production of any new natural gas that has existed in Lansing since 2017. Because of the moratorium, New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) issued a request for proposal for non-pipeline alternatives that would reduce current natural gas in Lansing, according to LCSD.

Lansing High School is the largest user of natural gas in the county, and the HVAC update will reduce the need for natural gas to heat and cool the school.

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