Did Quavo Reference Lift Fight With Sweetie In New Music Video? Fans think so [WATCH]

Quavo and Takeoff have been surprising fans ever since they started collaborating with each other outside of Migos, and their latest music video has been making the rounds online as many fans have pointed out that one scene mentions the former’s ex-girlfriend; what happened

According to Uproxx, the visuals for the song “Messy” from their collaborative album titled “Only Built For Infinity Links” were recently released and the concept revolves around a haunted house.

Hours after the music video dropped, many fans immediately noticed the reference to a scene and called out the hip-hop artist for doing it.

“Quavo physically assaulted Southee in an elevator and he’s going to make fun of it in his music video! You fire him!” one wrote.

Fans were talking about the scene where Quavo was rapping his verse in an elevator where he was seen looking directly at the security cameras.

“No because why is Quavo still talking about sweetie?! You missing dolls?!?! Just saying,” wrote another fan.

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What happened between Quavo and Sweetie in the elevator?

In 2021, many fans were shocked when Quavo and Saweetie announced their split and many online users alleged that the reason for their split was due to the former’s infidelity.

TMZ then shared a video of security footage of the two brawling inside an elevator.

In the clip, Sweety is seen waving at her ex-boyfriend. Quavo later grabbed the “Back to the Streets” Rattress before throwing her to the floor.

The surfaced video has no audio so fans don’t know the context of their fight.

According to The Till Mango, the former couple dated between 2018 and 2021. Their relationship began when the rapper slipped into Sweetie’s DM and told her, “You an ice girl, you need an ice boy,” a reference to his song “Ice. Girl.”

Rumors of the musician’s infidelity began in early 2021 after the female rapper confirmed their breakup in a tweet, saying she was single and had “endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes to lie.”

“Presentations don’t stain Band-Aids, and love isn’t real when intimacy is given to other women,” she adds.

Quavo then replied that he loved his ex-girlfriend, but was disappointed.

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