Donald Trump Case: Special master sets timeline for review in Donald Trump docs case

On Wednesday, the US federal government will petition the court to have a special master examine all of the papers that the FBI obtained from former US President Donald Trump. Because of this, it is implausible that the Justice Department will use these documents during the criminal investigation.

A special master named Justin Dearie is reviewing the papers taken from the residence of the former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Every document must include a mark indicating whether it is protected by attorney-client privilege, personal privilege, or executive privilege.

Trump has until the following Friday to submit an affidavit in which he objects to anything that does not appear on the list or to the goods that were taken from his property. At the same time, Trump and his allies insist that the FBI has faked the evidence. Despite this, his lawyers did not raise this issue throughout the trial.

The conflicts about the documents need to be resolved, and both the Justice Department and Trump’s Attorney are responsible for doing so. Dearie was adamant that he would settle the disagreements with the princess. By October 21, Trump’s attorneys and lawyers must turn in the final log, including a list of the issues.

The special master has set the deadline for an official determination of what Trump will assert about all 11,000 papers as of October 14 and has sought frequent updates from Team Trump on the progress of the allegations.

Trump’s legal team members have begun reviewing the papers to see whether or not they push any privilege claims. Cannon changed her order on Thursday, which states that the Special Master is responsible for prioritizing the confidential materials and submitting findings and relevant recommendations.


  1. How many years did Donald Trump reign?
    Donald Trump was the President of the US for four years, from 2017-2015.
  2. How long do presidents in the US serve?
    Four years.
  3. How much is the former Donald Trump worth?
    300 Crores US Dollars.

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