Drive for 7 months without charging! This solar-electric car has over 1000 km range

Every other day we see new electric cars being unveiled with better features than the previous ones. Swift innovation has remained the key to survive and thrive for auto companies in the growing and highly competitive e-vehicle market. Latest buzz in the market belongs to solar electric cars, which not only offer better options to consumers but also give them an option to rely on two power sources. Previously, there were solar cars only, mostly prototypes, which were usually displayed in exhibitions.

Lightyear, a Netherland-based company that manufactures electric vehicles, has unveiled their first production-ready solar electric car – the Lightyear 0. This car combines solar and electric power, which extends the range beyond 1,000 kilometers, the company claims.

In an official statement, Lightyear said that after investing six years in the R&D, engineering, design, testing, and prototyping, they have finally come up with this premier car which they intend to send into manufacturing by this fall.

Lightyear first came up with the idea of ​​a solar car in 2016, and in 2019, they were ready with a prototype. Finally, after six years of countless efforts and facing a lot of hurdles, Lightyear 0 is no more a dream, the company states.

Lex Hoefsloot, Lightyear’s CEO, said that Lightyear 0 could set an example for everyone that nothing is impossible if you hustle with dedication. The journey from just a mere idea to production was not easy and required a lot of redesigning and going through the same things over and over, he adds.

As far as other features are concerned, Lightyear 0 is an aerodynamic family sedan. As per the company, the manufacturing of this car is slated to begin next year, and the manufacturing cost will be roughly around two crores. However, this car will have an accessible price and can start from twenty-seven lakhs.

How does Lightyear 0 source its running power?

  • Lightyear 0 boasts dual-curved solar arrays that span around 5m² on the car’s roof, which helps it absorb the sun’s energy.
  • The car also sources power from the four in-wheel motors with a capacity of running over six hundred twenty-five kilometers with a single charge.
  • If the car is driven at the highway speed, which is estimated to be around 110 kilometers / hour, then the vehicle can run for 560 kilometers in single charge.

More about Lightyear 0

Lightyear 0 is based on the idea of ​​focusing on efficiency, not much on performance. Along with solar charge, one can also charge this vehicle via other power sources. Lightyear 0 is made using sustainable materials. While the interior is eco-friendly, mainly comprised of recycled PET, the exterior is built using reclaimed carbon. The charging speed of this car is said to be ten kilometer per hour via solar, five hundred and twenty kilometer per hour via fast charging and thirty-two kilometer per hour via traditional home charging.

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