Family Guy fans love the Larry and Steve reference in Season 21, Episode 6

Fans loved the reference. A quick look at the episode’s discussion thread on the r/familyguy subreddit reveals as much, where u/Thekillerichi23 says it made the episode for them.

Fans also joined in on Twitter. the user @Matthew54105904 Tweeted, “There is Larry [&] Steve’s scream is so awesome!!” along with a short video of the transformation. “Tonight’s #FamilyGuy was awesome,” tweeted @MrJoelGarcia9. “Also, one who has seen what [a] I’m so glad to finally have a reference to ‘Larry and Steve,’ a cartoon in the ’90s.”

Although Larry has not appeared in any new material since the late 1990s, similarities between Peter and the other two animated characters have been noted before. The show itself contains numerous references to “The Flintstones”, including a news anchor describing Peter as “a fat man who is inexplicably married to an attractive redhead” to set up an image of Fred (Alan Reed) and Wilma Flintstone (Jean Vander Pyle). before ) as an example of what they might look like (via YouTube).

The resemblance between Peter and Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) – both dim but loving suburban husbands and fathers whose misguided scheming often lands the family in hot water – is also striking, with Mad magazine even dissecting the similarities between the two shows in full in its October 2005 issue. The 2002 “Simpsons” Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror XIII,” also slyly mocks Peter’s Homer likeness, with the “Send in the Clones” sequence featuring the Griffin patriarch among a crowd of imperfect Homer clones (via TV Tropes).

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