Farmers reluctant to part with lands for NIMZ

With several national and multi-national industries evincing interest directly and indirectly in the National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) being established near Zaheerabad in Sanareddy district, about 120 kiolmetres from the State capital, the administration is getting ready for the second phase of land. acquisition.

NIMZ is coming up in 12,600 acres and in parcel one already 3,200 acres was acquired by the government and the administration is getting ready to acquire remaining land for the manufacturing cluster.

Parcel one was spread in five villages of two mandals – Jarasangam (Bardipur, Chilapally and Yelgoi) and Nyalakal (Rukmapur and Mungi) are in parcel one with a total extent of 4,500 acres total.

In parcel two, there are 12 villages all in Nyalakal mandal – with a total of 8,196 acres that need to be acquired from- Malkampadu, Hadnoor, Nyamatabad, Husselli, Rejinthal, Gunjotti, Gangwar, Kalbemal, Ganeshpur, Mamidgi, Metalkunta and Basantapur.

The government has been taking lands from farmers under consent as per Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Telangana Amendment) Act- 2016 under which a consent would be reached with farmers and they would be paid accordingly.

Under the consent, the government is getting ready to offer an amount of ₹ 9 lakh per acre whereas the farmer are not ready for that. They claim that the land rates had already sky rocketed and are being sold between ₹ 30 lakh per acre to ₹ 1 crore per acre depending on the location how close they are to national highway or remotely located. Under LA Act – 2013 Act they would get about ₹ 5 lakh only, the officials informed.

“Many of the farmers are having between ₹ 3 lakh and ₹ 4 lakh loans in banks. Once they sold their lands to the government for the price they were offered, many of them left with peanuts. How can we sell our lands for the so little price when the market price is so high? ” asked Md. Sattar of Mamdgi village. He has suggested the authorities to form a committee to inquire about the prevailing market price of land and do justice to farmers.

Similar feeling was echoed by Ramulu of Huselli village of in Nyalakal mandal owning about 10 acres of land for the entire family. “Ours are fertile lands and I am cultivating sugar cane. We are producing 100 tonnes of sugar cane in our filed alone in every season and we are not ready to sell our lands. We had already approached the High Court in this regard. We will transform as land less once our lands were acquired and it was not possible to buy lands with the amount being offered by the government, ”said Mr. Ramulu told The Hindu adding that they were yet to receive individual notice regarding land acquisition.

The officials confirmed that they were in the process of notification was completed for parcel 2 lands of NIMZ.


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