Ferrari Introduces Its Most Anticipated Sports Car Called Purosangue And It Is Not An SUV!

Ferrari is back again to tell the world what real craftsmanship looks like and the result is a proper four-door sports car named Purosangue. The automotive world has been anticipating a sports utility vehicle (SUV) but Ferrari has one request for them and that is, ‘Don’t call it an SUV’.

At the time of its world debut, Benedetto Vigna, CEO, while addressing the media clearly stated that one should not call it an SUV because it isn’t. Instead, “It’s a Ferrari.”

So, if it is not a competitor to the raging bull, the Lamborghini Urus? Then where does the all-new Ferrari Purosangue fit itself? To figure that out, let’s get into the details down below.


  • Ferrari Purosangue has finally made its world debut.
  • Comes powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine.
  • The first Ferrari with a four-door, four-seater layout.

Ferrari Purosangue

Exterior and Styling

Image Source: Ferrari

Ferrari has put a lot of hard work in sculpting this beautiful machine and that’s clearly visible. Firstly, the shape is distinct from front to rear, thanks to the radiator grille, muscular bonnet, sporty diffuser and other flowing lines. The coupe-like design further improves the road presence of the new Purosangue to another extent.

The forged wheels are based on the same aero concept of the SF90 Stradale. As explained by the PR team of the carmaker, it extracts the hot air from the wheel arch to keep it cool.


The cabin feels of Purosangue is plush just like any other Ferrari but what’s new inside is the practical approach. According to the brand, the four-door, four-seater layout has helped the practicality quotient a lot.

Ferrari Purosangue Interior
Image Source: Ferrari

Inspired by the SF90 Stradale which was launched recently, this one is also available with a massive 10.2-inch display with all the important information available on the tip of your hands. Even the center tunnel is ergonomically friendly and the introduction of a metal gear shifter further helps to push the premium cabin feel to another level. A 3D Burmester surround sound system further enhances the immersive sound experience with bass clarity and additional presets as standard.

Keeping sustainability as their number one priority, Ferrari has decided to infuse a fabric roof lining on this new model.

Multiple optional features to give the owner the freedom to customize their ride also makes the new Ferrari special.

Engine, Power and Chassis

A front-mid mounted, 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine has made its way to this new sports car. Thankfully, power is distributed to both the front and rear axle making enough power to clock a triple-digit speed in just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 310kmph. Time to say, ‘Beware Lamborghini Urus!’

Talking more about the numbers, the overall output from this motor stands at a massive 715 horsepower and 716Nm. For transmission duties, Ferrari has deployed a reliable automatic gearbox that works in conjunction with the iconic engine to deliver these unmatched figures.

The Italian manufacturer visibly understands that with power comes responsibility. Keeping this in mind, the chassis of the Purosangue has been completely built from scratch to provide enough rigidity to the entire silhouette. Ferrari has also reworked the airflow to minimize the overall drag coefficient.

To conclude, this is not an SUV. Instead, it is a Ferrari that is fast, agile and promising with lots of practicality.

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