Gandhians express concern over Gyanvapi Masjid issue

Expressing concern over the Gyanvapi mosque issue, a group of Gandhians have appealed to all sections of society to be guided by the unbiased “Lakshman Rekha” drawn by the Constitution that keeps politics as well as the civil administration in check.

“The way the issue of Gyanvapi Masjid is being raked up and the way the matter is being handled by the State is unfortunate. Similar situations in the past have led us to the partition of the nation. Those who do not learn from history are often victimized by history, ”said a group of signatories in an open letter here. The letter is from 83 signatories, including representatives from Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Gandhi Peace Foundation and Gandhi National Museum, social activists and academics.

The Gandhians appealed to the people to join the “voices that are for peace and harmony in the Indian society”.

The statement noted that news coming in from different parts of the country indicated that there was a systematic effort to weaken the social fiber.

“Let us not go into who is doing all this. Instead, we wish to tell people of all religions, castes and communities that to spread hatred is the biggest disservice to religion. Peace is the greatest human religion today, ”it added.


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