Gastonia business owner donates support to Belmont youth sports team

“I’m just one guy but my vision is to help the community and people succeed in any way possible,” said Raja Gupta, a Gastonia business owner who donated $ 1,000 supporting a Belmont youth sports team.

Gupta owns the convenience store and gas station, Pit Stop Xpress, on South York Road.

He opened the business June 2020 following in his father footsteps who owns two QSC Food Mart stations found in Stanley and Lowell.

“I try to do whatever I can to help others,” Gupta said.

Recently, Gupta and his wife took their service with a smile to another level by donating $ 1,000 to the Belmont Red Raiders Youth and Football Cheer Organization.

“We want to make sure that the kids are safe and the equipment gets old,” Gupta said. “I’m also one of the coaches for the team and it’s humbling seeing the kids growing and becoming young men.”

Gupta became a coach for the 5- to 7-year-old team last year where he also coaches for his 8-year-old son Nolan.

He says he’s grateful that God continues to bless him and his wife Kirah and they wanted to pay it forward by blessing others.

The donation is intended to go toward any of the teams, ranging from age 5 to 12, and updating gear.

“You never know when an old helmet is going to break and we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt,” Gupta said.

He enjoys watching the growth of his son, the running running back, while playing.

“I like seeing him wanting to be outside and learn things more than stay inside or play video games,” Gupta said. “It’s an awesome experience.”

He feels like a father to all the kids on the field and hopes that the team helps them to focus, perform well off the field and listen to their parents.

“When the program is doing what it’s supposed to, it benefits everyone,” Gupta said.

His dedication to being generous comes from wanting to spread positive energy.

“I have my own business and we try to help anyone out whenever we can,” Gupta said.

“I want to help people succeed so that will make them want to help others,” he added.

The Belmont Red Raiders program representatives John and Kathryn Lewis appreciate all the support from the Gupta family.

“Raj and his wife help out on anything from drinks to donations,” said Kathryn. “They have been an incredible help to the program and they even donated a refrigerator to hold drinks.”

“Just the smallest gestures mean so much to the organization.”

Gupta hopes that the teams continue to grow.

“I’m just happy that we are able to be blessed to help someone else,” Gupta said.

People interested in volunteering with the teams or joining are encouraged to reach out to the program directors at [email protected]

Reach Janiya Winchester at 980-319-6819 or [email protected]

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