Georgia Football players answer a simple question about water

The Georgia football players had some fun with the Georgia social media team as the question of the day was — is water wet?

This simple question is not as easy to answer as one might think. Some of the guys were quick to answer while others wanted to explain themselves. Is water wet?

Half of the players thought it was, while the other half explained that water is not wet, but it can make other things wet.

This video is a great illustration of the various personalities that Georgia has on its team this year, and it’s a heartfelt video that fans should watch.

After watching the video, we will try and help the players answer this question about water.

UGA Football players educate the public on water and if it’s wet or not.

The video opens up with players coming out of the football facilities and giving quick answers. However, one of the players takes a minute to explain that if you Google “is water wet,” it will tell you something completely different.

One of the players called water a saturated substance, which made the most sense. Another said water is water. As the video progressed, the more confusing the answers got. One guy even brought up SpongeBob.

As the video ended, two players came out to answer, and one had water in his hand. He threw it on the other and “I can confirm it’s wet” was the other player’s answer. That hilarious moment capped off a sweet yet simple video to give the fans a look at this year’s team. These moments aren’t football related, but they are ones that fans love because it allows us to see their personalities.

While this question seems to be one that likely has a right answer, before we provide the Google one, we asked our staff at Dawn of the Dawg if water is wet or not.

Austin Carter: “It’s wet 100%.”

Savannah Leigh: “It makes things wet, but it’s not wet by itself.”

Ashley Espie: “Water is innately wet. The sun makes things hot and is also hot itself. Water makes things wet so it must also be wet. There is nothing you can do to water to make it wet, so logically it must already be wet. If anything, it’s the epitome of wet. Next question please.”

Payton Wilkerson: “I’d say water is wet based on the definition.”

Rick Beach: “No, water is not wet.”

Scott Green: “It’s what water touches that makes it wet, but can’t we say water is touching itself?”

Drum roll, please, according to USCB’s research, “Liquid water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet.” There you have it, folks. It’s not wet, but it can make other solids wet.

This fun video is a great way to keep fall camp fun for the Georgia football players, and we want more content like this.

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