Germantown student challenges school district’s transgender policy

Several updates to the Germantown School District's policy for transgender students have come under scrutiny.  A Germantown student who is transgender has created an online petition in hopes that school board officials will reverse their decision.  The petition has more than 850 signatures.

A Germantown High School student says the school district’s policy changes regarding transgender students are “inherently dangerous” and is seeking to reverse the changes.

Skye Fetzer, a junior and co-administrator of the school’s sexuality and gender equality club, created an online petition at As of November 3, it was signed by more than 850 people. The petition objects to the policy changes approved by the Germantown School Board on Sept. 26.

The change requires permission from parents or guardians for the school to use transgender-preferred names and pronouns. The revised policy also says the district will include parents or guardians in “discussions with the student regarding the student’s transgender status.”

Fetzer wrote in the petition that the policy is harmful because it “forces transgender children to come out to their parents, which can put them in a dangerous situation.”

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