Glenn McGrath passes verdict on Umran Malik: ‘He can play for any team if…’ | Cricket

Legendary Australia fast bowler Glenn McGrath has taken note of Umran Malik’s performance in IPL 2022. The former Australia pacer, who has worked with a lot of upcoming Indian fast bowlers in the MRF pace foundation, said Malik needs to bring control with the pace. If the right-arm seamer can do that, then he can play for any team in the world, the Aussie legend said.

“Sheer pace is important but Umran Malik has to be prepared to put the work in to get that control and if he can combine control with that sheer pace then he’ll get into any team in the world,” McGrath told Sportstar.

Malik, who was unearthed by Sunrisers Hyderabad towards the end of the last edition of IPL, has been very impressive with the ball for SRH in the ongoing edition. The most striking feature about the right-arm pacer from Jammu and Kashmir has been his raw pace. Malik has clocked 150 km / h in almost every match that he has played in this IPL.

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McGrath said Malik needs to focus on fitness as bowling at that pace can take a toll on the body.

“It’s about doing well in the second season and third season, once the batters get to know your bowling. When you are bowling 150 kmph-plus, that’s a lot of stress on the body and if you do not put the work off the field to keep yourself strong, sooner or later you are going to break. When you are sitting and watching from the sidelines and they are not picking you anymore, it’s not much fun, “McGrath added.

Malik has so far taken 15 wickets in 11 matches for SRH at an average of 24. McGrath gave Jasprit Bumrah’s example to highlight the importance of a fast bowler’s need to work off the field.

“They say it’s hard work to get to the top but you should work twice as hard once you get there. That’s where a few cricketers, mainly bowlers, probably let themselves down. They do well in the IPL or get an [international] cap and they think they have made it. That’s when the hard work should start if they want to stay there and be successful. Bumrah – he puts in so much work off the field to stay strong, as do so many other bowlers, “he added.


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