Guess Identify the words inside the boxes through hints in 30 secs

Word Puzzles Brain Teaser: If you like to solve riddles and puzzles in your leisure time, then this brain teaser is meant for you! Brain teasers can be considered as a trickier version of puzzles & riddles, as these brain games are solved with logical reasoning. For solving this type of quiz, you need to identify the clues hidden inside the box to guess the correct words. You have to use a creative approach as the solution will not be right in front of you. Similar to these lines, we have come up with an interesting brain-teaser where you have to the words inside the boxes in the image.

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Identify the words inside the boxes through hints in 30 seconds

In the above image, you have to identify the words inside the boxes through clues hidden in the image. An active mind can solve this riddle within 30 seconds. You are required to look at the matrix carefully before answering the question as the answer is not as simple as you think. As a heads up, the answers to this brain teaser has been given right below the question, so make sure you do not scroll too far and cheat!

Hint: Carefully look at the position of the words, images and their hidden meaning inside the box.

Brain Teaser Answer

In this brain puzzle, you need to use your imagination, alongside your knowledge to guess the answer from the clues given in the questions. Here are the clues and answers to the word puzzle brain teasers:

  1. Word “Get it” is written four times. So, the answer is “Forget it”.
  2. Word “Jack” is written inside Black Box. So, the answer is “Black Jack”.
  3. Word “Somewhere” is written above the rainbow. So, the answer is “Somewhere above the rainbow”.
  4. Word “Door” is written backwards. So, the answer is “Back Door”.
  5. Word “Read” is written between two lines. So, the answer is “Read in between the lines”.
  6. The word “Blood” is written in bold and water is not written in bold. So, the answer is “Blood is thicker than water”.
  7. The word Bee is written with extra ‘e’ in a line. So the answer is “Bee line
  8. The word canceled is written in Check or right mark. So the answer is “Canceled Check

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Using creative and analytical thinking will help you to derive answers in such brain teasers. This puzzle was tricky but simple as it needs less time and brain power to solve. But it sure feels great when you figure out the answer in a few seconds.


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