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Starting Price and Free Trial

Both Gusto and Justworks offer pricing based on the number of employees and contractors you pay each month. Neither offers an explicit “free trial” option, but Gusto lets you sign up and set up your account and won’t charge you until you run your first payroll.

Gusto plans include:

Simple: $40 plus $6 per payee per month. Get full-service payroll, accounting integrations and basic support.
Plus: $80 plus $12 per payee per month. Access next-day direct deposit, advanced hiring and onboarding tools, paid time off (PTO) management and full support.
Premium: Custom pricing for enterprises to access advanced HR support and resources.
Contractor-only: $6 per contractor per month to run contractor payments and 1099 filings if you haven’t hired W-2 workers yet.

Justworks plans include:

Basic: $59 per payee per month; $49 per month for each employee after 49. Get full-service payroll and basic benefits management.
Plus: $99 per payee per month; $89 per month for each employee after 49. Access medical, dental and vision insurance plans for employees.

The Gusto Plus plan includes time tracking and project tracking within the platform. To get time tracking from Justworks, you have to pay an additional per-employee monthly fee to use its secondary app, Justworks Hours, which integrates with the payroll platform.

Payroll and Benefits Administration

With both Gusto and Justworks, you can hire contractors, hourly and salaried employees and pay via direct deposit or paper checks. Both platforms let employees create and manage a self-serve profile, where they can keep their contact, banking and direct deposit information up to date, submit W-2s or W-9s and download pay stubs and tax forms.

Gusto connects you with service providers to offer health insurance, retirement plans and 529 retirement plans. You can offer employees custom benefits, such as commuter, housing, wellness and other stipends and reimbursements. Employees can sign up and you can manage benefits all within Gusto.

As a co-employer, Justworks can offer health insurance and retirement plans for your employees, probably at a lower cost than you could if you purchased plans directly, as you do with Gusto.

Reporting and Integrations

Neither Gusto nor Justworks offers a ledger report, but both platforms integrate with popular accounting software, including QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop and Xero. Gusto also lets you run custom reports from the platform.

Customer Service

Gusto offers a 24/7 online help center where you can find answers to many of your questions. All customers also have access to live support via phone, email and online chat during limited hours. Gusto Plus customers have access to extended live support hours and can pay an extra $8 per month per person for access to HR experts and priority live support.

All Justworks customers have access to 24/7 live support via phone, email, chat, Slack and SMS text message. All plans also come with HR expert support.

Bottom line

The experience you offer employees is relatively the same via Gusto or Justworks. You can offer payroll via direct deposit, a self-serve portal for onboarding and account management and administration of insurance, retirement plans and other benefits.

Which platform is best for your business depends on the type of business you run and your unique needs. Gusto is better for startups and small businesses that operate with a nimble workforce and want to automate the payroll process. Justworks is a better fit for companies with complex hiring needs that want robust HR support and limited liability.

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