heardle: Heardle Today: Sound on! Clues, answer for August 6’s quiz

One of the best Wordle-style games, Heardle, has come up with another tricky puzzle on August 6. To all the newcomers to Heardle, it is a song-guessing game. It first plays a few seconds of the intro of a music track and requires players to guess the song. With each wrong guess, the game provides more part of the intro to let the players guess the correct song.

However, a player gets a maximum of six attempts to guess the correct track, with each attempt providing more of the song for the players to listen to. If guessed correctly, players can also share their scorecards on social media platforms like Twitter.

Since Heardle covers songs from across all the music genres and eras, sometimes players get easier tracks to guess.

As it becomes hard to figure out the correct music piece on some days, it makes it difficult for players to maintain a winning streak.

In the same series, Heardle has thrown a new puzzle on August 6. If you are finding it hard to guess the correct track today, you can use some hints or clues.

The hints to solve the Heardle’s puzzle for August 6 will help you maintain your winning streak.

Here are some hints to take you to the correct answer for today’s Heardle:

• The song was released in 1968.

• The music track belongs to the genre of Samba Rock.

• It is a single by the famous Rolling Stones.

• The name has four words.

• Above all, the last three words of the song’s title are “For the Devil.”

Applying all the above clues, you can easily guess the correct song.

The answer to the Heardle’s puzzle for August 6 is:

“Sympathy For The Devil,” a song by the Rolling Stones.

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