Is The New York Times committing fraud and keeping subscriber numbers high artificially? What a Fox News investigation, aired by Tucker Carlson, found

The New York Times Company recently reported that it was close to hitting its target subscriber base by approximately 9.1 million subscribers. After the acquisition of the sports website The Athletic, it added a new subscriber base of 387,000. The Times is now hitting its target of 15 million subscribers by the end of 2027. However, there seems to be a catch. A recent Fox News investigation reveals that The Times may be committing widespread customer fraud. The investigation was aired on the show Tucker Carlson Tonight on the 14th of May 2022.

The Tucker Carlson show that aired on the 14th of May 2022 was shared by Twitter handle @ColumbiaBugleGeneral Chat Chat Lounge In the video, Tucker Carlson details how The New York Times essentially doesn’t allow its subscribers to unsubscribe and continues to charge them $ 17 a month.

The show details how another employee at Fox News tried to unsubscribe and was not allowed to do so, so there was no provision for a refund after the system refused to allow him to unsubscribe.

What The Tucker Carlson Show Found About The New York Times

Tucker Carlson starts his segment by asking a basic question that every Indian echo – we know The New York Times is unreadable. Then how does its subscriber base continue to grow?

One of the producers of the Tucker Carlson show subscribed to The New York Times about a year ago. When The Times increased its subscription rate to $ 17 a month, the producer tried to cancel its subscription. In April, the producer spoke to the Representative of the Times and they were convinced that the membership of the cancellation would go through. However, this month (May), the producer got billed $ 17 again.

On Wednesday, the producer called again to confirm that the cancellation goes through and was convinced that it would. However, yet again, this did not happen. Tucker Carlson says on the 14th of May, the producer was charged another $ 17. When the producer called again to find out what was going on, Tucker Carlson says the customer care representative essentially acknowledged that The New York Times was committing fraud. The show then proceeds to play the entire conversation that took place between the producer and The New York Times customer service representative.

First, the customer service representative confirms to the producer that the system “rejected” the request for cancellation. The reason they cited for the rejection of cancellation was that a transaction was already in progress.

Conversation between the producer and NYT customer care

On the 11th of April, there was another attempt to cancel the subscription but that was rejected by the system too, said the rep.

Conversation between the producer and NYT customer care

Essentially, so far, it appears like The New York Times does not let its subscribers cancel their subscription even if they want to be given the producer’s request “rejected by the system” on two separate occasions.

The producer, having failed to cancel his subscription, then demanded a refund. For this as well, he said that the “system does not allow refunds”.

Conversation between the producer and NYT customer care

In this event, the customer service representative seems to be confused at The New York Times’ chicanery as the producer. She first says she will process the refunds, however, she quickly realizes that the system does not allow it. “Why is there another event being processed, that doesn’t make any sense?”, She says.

Foxed, a representative, says the system needs work and “this is not okay”.

Conversation between the producer and NYT customer care

The representative admits that “customers have been charged after cancellation too”.

Essentially, the New York Times representative acknowledges that first, the system does not cancel one of their memberships and if the individual assumes that the NYT will be morally sufficient to do so, they will soon realize that they are being charged repeatedly for a subscription. wanted to cancel. To top that, there is no option of giving customers a refund.

Laughing, Tucker Carlson wonders if anyone would file a class action lawsuit against The New York Times.

It is pertinent to note here that China Daily, a propaganda outlet of the Chinese government, has reportedly paid $ 19 million in advertising and printing charges to American newspapers for 4 years. As per the documents filed by China Daily with the Justice Department, the Communist Party mouthpiece had paid over $ 6 million to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), $ 4.6 million to the Washington Post, $ 2,40,000 to foreign policy, $ 50,000 to New York Times, $ 34,600 to The Des Moines Register and $ 76,000 to CQ-Roll Call. In fact, the Communist party mouthpiece had also spent $ 2,65,822 on advertising on Twitter.

In 2018, the New York Times and the Washington Post ran a sponsored news item titled, “Belt and Road Align with African Nations.” The same news story was accompanied by another story, critical of the Trump administration. It read, “Tariffs take a toll on US homebuyers.” The news item emphasized how the rise in US tariffs on China would raise the cost of building homes in the US. China’s attempt to use foreign papers as a tool to further its interests has been pointed out by organizations such as the Freedom House, the Hoover Institution, and other pro-democracy groups.

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