James Franklin press conference recap

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Asked about some of his biggest questions for the upcoming season, Franklin broke it down by unit. The areas of focus weren’t too surprising.

“If you start on special teams, [Jordan Stoudt] did such a good job, so that’s a concern,” Franklin said while focusing specifically on the punting game. “I feel like we have some really good options on kickoff but punt is obviously a big question for us.”

“Obviously, it would help if you don’t pound as much,” Franklin said with a smile. Franklin did note that Barney Amor was leading the punting game at the moment.

“On defense, I would say it’s at middle linebacker,” Franklin said when shifting his focus to the defensive side of the ball.”[Tyler Elsdon] and [Kobe King] have done a really nice job there. I think that’s a legitimate competition.”

But Franklin threw another name into the mix when discussing the middle linebacker position that may have been overlooked in the competition for the starting job. Freshman Keon Wylie was mentioned as a player that has been getting some good reps in camp.

“We’ve started Wylie there,” Franklin said. “He’s super smart and seems to be handling it really well.”

Then, of course, the focus shifted to the offense with a concern about the ability to run the football.

“The running game in general,” Franklin said. “We’ve got some different people in that room… that’s created a lot of really good competition and depth.”

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