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It used to be that employers had the luxury of waiting until January 1 for vigilant new employment laws and compliant challenges. For the past several years, we have reported on employment and labor laws taking effect mid-year. The trend is growing, with states and cities passing a new dimension of new workplace regulations throughout the calendar year.

This year, COVID-19 is currently a significant employment law and regulatory concern. But state legislatures have continued their typical business apace, and are even taking on a new wave of labor and employment law priorities. Popular topics for further regulation this year include the contingent workforce and gig economy, leave protections and entitlements, and new workplace safety and privacy protections. Another popular topic in 2022 is wage transparency, with lawsuits enacting three New York localities soon to require disclosure of pay ranges for job advertisements and allow for a private right of action for violations.

Washington state leads the pack as the most active jurisdiction in enacting over a dozen new state-wide and local laws and regulations that take effect early this summer. Virginia and Colorado take second place, enacting at least eight new laws that take effect July-August 2022.

Our annual “July is the New January,” which tracks many labor and employment laws and ordinances across the country that take effect in the last half of the year, is not all-inclusive. Although this insight touches on some industry-specific laws, the focus is on generally applicable labor and employment laws in states and large municipalities. In addition, this report does not discuss changes to the minimum wage and related wage and hour legislation. See US Minimum Wage, Tipped, and Exempt Employee Pay Increases Will Heat Up This Summer (And Possibly Other Seasons) For information on new wage rates taking effect across the country.

Finally, note that many state legislatures are still in session, so additional laws that will take effect this summer are bound to be enacted after publication. And new laws — especially at the local level — are often subject to amendment. This article is intended to provide insight on the types of laws state and local legislatures are enacting, some of which have effective dates right around the corner.

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