korea: North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test, say UN experts

North Korea is getting ready for more nuclear tests and are undergoing preparations at a site in the northeastern region, said UN experts. North Korea is allegedly continuing to develop a critical nuclear weapon-related ingredient. The panel said in an excerpt that two member states in early June assessed that it was the final stage in the preparations.

The panel spoke on other issues and mentioned that two major hacks were conducted by North Korea this year. The hacks resulted in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency assets. The excerpts also mention that Pyongyang is still exporting coal and illegally importing oil despite sanctions by the UN. It still has the same vessels, networks and companies.

US Intelligence and South Korean Intelligence say that North Korea is preparing the Punggye-ri testing ground in the northeastern area for one more nuclear test. The test would be their first since 2017 and seventh since 2006.

The reports of the experts give details of the work the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is doing at its site. The report mentions that the originally dismantled support buildings were being reconstructed, and re-excavation had started at DPRK.

The satellites show that the region has increased vehicle tracks since mid-February this year. The tunnel construction could require lumber, which was also detected around that time.

The report added that soil piles from the excavation were also observed at the entrance. Experts say that the work North Korea is carrying out at Punggye-ri can also help in future nuclear tests. The reason behind it is that it is an objective that was stated at the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea’s Eighth Congress in January 2021.

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