Legends Football Team Camp features nearly 900 athletes

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – The annual Legends for Kids event was held two weeks ago in Sioux Falls, but this week marked the return of the 25th annual Legends Football Camp at Augustana.

Nearly 900 high school athletes participated in the 2022 Legends Football Team Camp. The three day event is run by Sanford Sports and the Augustana football team.

“They understand that we’re here for the best reasons and the best interest of the boys and the best interest of the team,” Brandon Valley head coach Matt Christensen said.

The camp is designed to improve each player from the eighteen teams in the camp.

“Our role is to support them to become their best, whatever their needs are. We want to be a conduit to that, ”Augustana head coach Jerry Olszewski said. “Their role is to stay within the guidelines of the camp and get better.”

“The players get a lot of opportunity here. They improve individually, they improve in situations and then improve as a team, improve the morale of the team and then improve their individual role, ”Christensen said.

The third and final day of the camp features the King of KO Competition. The teams are split into a small and large school division and then the teams go head-to-head with live situations.

“The kids need some real action. You can do all the exercises you want in the summer, but some actual action against another opponent is critical, ”Christensen said.

“It’s just an electric atmosphere. You’ve got the music pumping and you’ve got 16 teams watching those two. You’ve got a crowd immediately of 800 watching you play, ”Olszewski said. “Come on, as a high school kid, that’s special.”

Along with the team development, the camp helps prepare the athletes for football season, which believe it or not, is just six weeks away.

“Come on, the juices get flowing and you get excited about what’s coming. August will be here soon, like I said, but for all of us, high school teams and even our own staff, it’s coming quicker than we think, ”Olszewski said. “We get pretty excited this time of year that it’s right around the corner. I’m excited about our club coming back in August. ”

Mankato West won the King of the KO Competition as they defeated Sioux Falls Christian in overtime.

Augustana’s first game is set for September 1 at Concordia-St. Paul.

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