Lisa Montalbano Named Chief Executive Officer of Employment Horizons

Lisa Montalbano

MORRIS COUNTY – The Board of Trustees of Employment Horizons is very pleased to announce that Lisa Montalbano has been named the organization’s Chief Executive Officer.

Lisa began her career with Employment Horizons in July 1998.

Over the years Lisa has held various roles at Employment Horizons including Job Coaching and Development and overseeing the agency’s Career Development Services Department.

In 2012, the organization moved into Lisa’s all-important Director of Business Development role. For the last several years, Lisa has held dual responsibilities of business development and managing fundraising and events as our Director of Development.

Lisa’s most recent appointment was to be the Chief Operating Officer of the position. Lisa holds a BA in Psychology from Liberty University as well as a MA in Executive Leadership from Liberty University.

Jack Cox, President of the Board of Trustees said, ‘The members of the Board of Trustees are thrilled to be able to elevate Lisa into the role of CEO. She has broad institutional knowledge and is very well known and appreciated by all our constituents. With her familiarity with our past, support by all constituents, and understanding of the organization’s opportunities, Lisa is poised to lead the Horizons in the future. ”

Lisa served as Board Secretary of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce from September 2008 until January 2014.

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