Madras University suspends Senate polls, Academic Council meeting on September 24

The Registrar of the University of Madras has informed that the election of 10 Senate members and two “Other Members” slated for Saturday has been “adjourned sine die due to administrative reasons.”

The biannual meeting of the Academic Council is being held on Saturday.

A circular informed that the usual practice is to hold the election to the Syndicate and the Senate from among members of the Academic Council simultaneously and on the same day. However, a Madras High Court injunction on Wednesday restrained the university from holding the Syndicate election.

Four members were to be elected to the Syndicate. Two of them would represent the affiliated colleges.

On Thursday, the university issued a circular informing that “remuneration/TA/DA for attending Academic Council meeting will be admissible only to the members from colleges/institutions which have paid the Continuation of Provisional Affiliation fee for the academic year 2021-2022 and 2022 -2023 without any dues.”

The members were required to submit valid proof for CPA payment while signing the attendance register.

Colleges are required to pay the CPA annually to offer courses. The university had not been collecting the dues regularly leading to huge financial constraints for the institution. A year ago, the university made it mandatory and it had raised the hackles of the colleges then.

Of the 102 colleges that owe CPA fee for 2022-23, only 55 colleges have paid. Most colleges have paid several lakhs of rupees. One college had paid ₹10.50 lakh. The university has earned through this process over ₹2.19 crore so far.


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