Mighty Mouse still lives in the hearts of CV Trojan football players

One chair at the Caney Valley High football banquet will be empty this season.

Ethan Dodson didn’t take up a lot of space — but the absence of No. 33 will leave a giant void in the heart of his Trojan teammates as they prepare next Monday to open football practice.

However, no. 33 will still be on the field for every play in every game — his teammates plan to wear on their helmets the decal of the number of their feisty colleague who passed away on July 30 as a result of an out-of-town drowning accident.

Sadly — tragically — Dodson won’t be physically part of what is expected to be a promising season for the Trojans.

But, in the thoughts and emotions of his teammates, he will be alongside them every step of the way. And, if heaven smiles kindly on football, his supportive spirit might linger nearby.

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