Missouri mom tackles local education issues in new book

Kristin Grubbs is a mother of four who lives in Lee’s Peak with her husband, who served in the Navy and is currently pursuing his master’s degree.

Grubbs grew up in the area and during the last 10 years had at least one child in the Lee area. The territory is one siable, with 29 schools in total.

Like many parents, Grubbs is more interested in dealing with his local school once the COVID-19 pandemic hits. Eventually she became more active in the meetings. According to her, she had paid quite a lot of attention when meeting with each school board. If he had missed anything in the past two years, they had been few and far between.

After not being satisfied with some academic records at the beginning of this year, he decided to look at the plans of the schools rather than the curriculum and focus on the high end.

This study in his district school was the genesis for his book: “The Deep End of Public Education.” Hence, even more research in the whole of the study.

The book chronicles his journey of dealing with any of his children. In it, Grubbs takes a closer look at implementation and their potential impact on students and the community alike, and where those policies originate. Even the promotion of the volleyball race was at an end. He also read one of the books assigned to teachers for professional development.

But the book serves another purpose. According to Grubbs, it is supposed to teach other parents, or anyone for that matter, to analyze the facts themselves and think critically.

Grubbs also talked about how the book not only helps others but also himself. Writing the book was the journey itself.

“I discovered that things in my country were so undiscovered that I knew they had to be shared. It is frustrating to know that such things are happening in the country where I grew up. In the end, organizing my research and creating this book was to encourage parents and guide them in their medical research. I feel less of a bystander and more of an advocate now,” Grubbs said.

Grubb has self-published the book through Amazon, and it can be found here.

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