MS Dhoni addresses unique skillset that separates him from rest Cricket

MS Dhoni is regarded as one of the best wicketkeepers in business and such is his legacy that if Rishabh Pant or Dinesh Karthik commit a mistake, fans and commentators are quick to highlight the absence of the former India captain. This was visible when Pant missed a crucial run-out opportunity against Sri Lanka at Asia Cup 2022. Karthik too was dragged into a similar situation, when the veteran wicketkeeper missed out from reviewing a LBW decision in the series opener between India and Australia in Mohali .

Dhoni has set a template when it comes to run-out or stumping and in a recent interaction at Live fast event, the former India captain explained how he mastered the skill. For those familiar with Dhoni’s rise as a cricketing legend, he started wicketkeeping in his school days before donning the gloves for India in all three formats.

“I also started playing tennis ball cricket. When you keep wickets while playing with a tennis ball, it’s important to have soft hands. When you have hard hands, the ball slips out. So we all started from there,” the wicketkeeper-batter was quoted as saying in a report on India Today.

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Further explaining, Dhoni said: “Over the last 50 years keepers have been doing the same. It was basic learning for me. They say in cricket that you give, ie when the ball is coming at you, you are supposed to receive the ball I thought ‘why do you need to receive the ball?’

“The gloves we have have rubber and inside the rubber there is cotton. So it’s already quite soft. So, I don’t have to give (receive), I can actually snatch the ball more often, than not.”

MS Dhoni completed his international career with 829 dismissals, which included 195 stumpings, the most by any wicketkeeper to date. He also stands third most successful wicketkeeper across all formats. Only Mark Boucher (998) and Adam Gilchrist (905) have more dismissals from ‘Captain Cool’.


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