My Hero Academia artists regularly use Megan the Stallion for Mirco references

A manga contributor to My Hero Academia is a fan of Megan Thee Stallion, as they depict Mirko in the rapper’s iconic fashion choices.

One of the My Hero AcademiaIts assistants are drawing inspiration from Megan the Stallion to draw No. 5 Hero Mirco.

Fans noticed that Shota Noguchi, one of Kohei Horikoshi Manga assistants, using the “WAP” rapper as their reference when portraying Rumi Usagiyama, otherwise known as the rabbit hero Mirko. The hero is famous for his muscular and curvy figure. Noguchi has done numerous Megan The Stallion-inspired Mirco illustrations featuring the rapper’s iconic poses and outfits.

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Modeled after Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram photo, which she posted in Houston Rockets gear, the first image features Mirko in a bikini and cap. The second, in which Mirko poses with his hands behind his head, is from Megan The Stallion’s 2019 photo shoot with ID magazine for “The Get Up Stand Up Issue”. A third picture of Mirko posing with a peace sign and her hair. An elegant update comes from Megan The Stallion’s look in the “WAP” music video with Cardi B, where the rapper wears a yellow bodysuit.

The next image of Mirko smilingly posing in a striped bodysuit is a reference to the rapper’s blue-and-white striped dress she wore for the 2020 NME cover. Noguchi also drew a Mirko version of the rapper wearing a mesh outfit, accessorized with a pearl necklace with faux fur draped over his shoulders. The sixth photo features Mirko posing in a catsuit and wearing pigtails, reminiscent of the rapper in his music video “Don’t Stop”.

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Megan likes The Stallion anime

Noguchi clearly enjoys drawing Mirko as a rapper, and Megan The Stallion’s Halloween post came full circle when she posted pictures of her Mirko cosplay on Twitter. Not only was she fully dressed with make-up and red contact lenses, she even photoshopped herself My Hero Academia Universe using its background. Noguchi retweeted his tweet, “Finally!!” expressed their excitement and joy.

The “Savage (Remix)” singer has openly expressed her love for anime, in particular My Hero Academia, As he plays Shoto Todoroki, the hero whose prank allows him to set things on fire or turn them to ice. My Hero Academia Available on Crunchyroll and Hulu, the sixth season is currently airing.

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