Novato advances plan to expand biotechnology campus

Novato is looking to augment its status as a North Bay biotechnology hub under a proposal that could double the footprint of its life sciences campus near Bel Marin Keys.

The city’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors have continued to expand since 1997 at the Novato Industrial Park, with site companies such as Ultragenyx, BioMarin, Sutter Instrument, Karuna Corp., Raptor Pharmaceuticals and Marin Biologic Laboratories.

City officials and a group of companies have been working since 2016 to plan further expansion into the 200-acre campus along Northbound Highway 101 near Ignacio Boulevard. A proposal set before the City Council on May 24 would allow for larger, taller warehouses, laboratories, offices and building buildings than is currently allowed.

More than 22% of the industrial park, or about 575,000 square feet, is used by biotechnology and life sciences companies. The plan would allow for the expansion of 300,000 square feet in the industrial park – and possibly up to 500,000 square feet if traffic issues could be addressed.

“For us, it’s great news because it acknowledges we’re in a place where biotechnology and these campuses are taking off,” said Kirit Patel, director of business development at Marin Biologic Laboratories. “It encourages innovation and it brings more people into the community because there will be jobs created.”

The Novato Planning Commission voted unanimously Monday to recommend that the City Council approve the plan.

“We’re uniquely situated in Novato to accommodate and really foster this kind of development,” said Curtis Havel, a member of the commission. “It is an opportunity that I think benefits the city and it is in a location that will not result in any significant impacts to the environment.”

One of the Ultragenyx buildings stands at the end of Leveroni Court in the Bel Marin Keys industrial park in Novato on Friday, May 13, 2022. (Alan Dep / Marin Independent Journal)

City regulations limit how large and how much floor area company buildings can use. The plan would allow these companies to expand their footprint either by creating more facilities or taller buildings. Building height limits will increase to 68 feet, with an additional 8 feet allowed for rooftop installments.

The city would allow for a maximum extension of 500,000 square feet with these large developments. The plan will only affect the Hamilton and Ignacio sections of the industrial park. The southern section, known as the Bel Marin Industrial Park, would not be included because of its proximity to the Los Robles Mobile Home Park.

However, city staff said the more realistic expansion limit would be around 300,000 square feet because of potentially significant traffic issues that could result in expansion of that area.

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