OJ Semmes in Pensacola under the Department of Education’s scrutiny

Escambia County Public School officials are being forced to make tough decisions about the fate of Warrington Middle School following years of underperformance.

Now state officials can follow in the footsteps of OJ Semmes High School in Warrington.

Warrington has earned 500 grades for four consecutive years, prompting state mandates to either close the school or become a charter school. JO Semmes twinned earned degrees f.

“Warrington is a cautionary tale,” Sen. Manny Diaz, commissioner of the Florida Department of Education, met with Superintendent Tim Smith in October. “I want to be clear of course, and I heard clearly from this board that it is urgent not only to take care of the issue at Warrington, but that we do not have a second issue in this area. OJ Semmes.”

Smith told the Journal News on Tuesday that the solutions for OJ Semmes are not simple. He said national problems, such as teacher shortages and pandemic-related achievement gaps, have affected schools with students in poverty more severely. JO Semmes was struck by the severity of the seizure.

First grade teacher Shantee Lindsay helps De'Anthony Boutwell with a math assignment at OJ Semmes Elementary School in Pensacola on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022.

Alternative charter for Warrington:‘God help us if we don’t get this one right.’ the teachers of Warrington’s soi places by their charter.

The area sees a shortage of bus drivers:Escambia schools lose 6 bus drivers after minimum wage hike, leaving 100+ empty routes

Will OJ Semmes have a similar fate?

OJ Semmes received an F for the 2021-22 school year. It was the second year in a row of the covid-19 pandemic. Two years before the school pandemic, he had managed to save the school from C .

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