On 76th Independence day, PM Modi seeks cooperative, competitive federalism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 76th Independence Day, said that the need of the hour is a spirit of healthy competition between state governments that will pave the way for India to reach new heights of development.

Referring to the concept of federalism, PM Modi said that while the Center and the states may have different schemes, or a different style of working, dreams for a nation will still remain the same. He also applauded states for playing a significant role in taking towards the growth of India.

“There are many states of our country, who have played a great role in taking the country forward, and have done exemplary work in many fields. They give strength to our federalism. But today the need of the hour is that we need cooperative federalism as well as competitive federalism. We need competition for development,” Modi said while addressing the nation on independence day.

“Every state should feel that the state has gone ahead. The environment of competition is needed among all the units of our service government, among our states, which should try to take us to new heights of development,” he said.

This is not the first time that the prime minister stressed on forging a model of ‘competitive and cooperative’ federalism.

In fact, the government’s public policy think tank NITI Aayog, which was set up as an institution with the mandate of cooperative federalism, has played a significant role in promoting healthy competition among states and union territories to rank them on various parameters, including health, innovations, exports, among others.


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