Panneerselvam urges Stalin to rid local bodies of nepotism

AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam on Saturday wondered whether the DMK was indulging in double-dealing over women empowerment in local bodies.

In a statement, he referred to reports of the functions of the DMK’s women councilors, municipal chairpersons and mayors being performed by their husbands.

He cited the recent instance of how a duel broke out between the DMK and the AIADMK over seating arrangements at the meeting of the Madurai Municipal Corporation on the day of presentation of the budget and the subsequent incident involving a section of journalists.

He said Mayor Indrani Ponvasanth’s husband and other relatives were ruling the roost in the corporation. The AIADMK leader gave an account of the alleged nepotism at the local body.

Condemning the recent events at the Madurai Corporation, Mr. Panneerselvam recalled that he had deployed the incidents of intimidation by the relatives of women councilors at Chennai and Tambaram Corporations a few months ago.

Allowing husbands and relatives of women representatives a role in governance amounted to encouraging female slavery. On the one hand, the ruling party talked of empowering women and on the other, it “encourages female salvation”. Perhaps, “this is the Dravidian model,” the AIADMK coordinator said, urging Chief Minister MK Stalin to ensure that not only the Madurai Corporation but also other local bodies had been free of nepotism.

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