Parks Associates Releases New Research Paper Examining Tech Solutions to Improve School Security and Threat Response

Personal security a growing concern: Nine million online households in the US report using smart tags

DALLAS, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Parks Associates today released a new whitepaper, Using technology to improve safety and security in schools, highlighting insights into how schools can better respond to security threats using fast-acting access control and emergency response coupled with communicated intelligence.

“Technology has an essential role in school safety,” he said Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates. “Technology’s ability to identify suspicious activity, distinguish dangerous items, recognize patterns and organize data/evidence is particularly powerful and can enable a more effective response to threats.”

In general, concerns about personal safety, especially regarding children, have increased in the US. Parks Associates research shows that nearly nine million online households in the US (8%) own a smart tag, and 37% of those owners use smart tags because they are concerned about another’s safety, with 32% saying their child has always a smart tag with you. Parents and school educators are looking for new solutions to help protect children at school.

“Technology cannot guarantee perfect protection against security breaches and threats, but it can help provide a more effective response,” said August Ward, Research Interns, Park Associates. “This is an important project to help elevate the role of technology in responding to security threats in schools.”

“Technology has brought more and more information to our first responders – security cameras, two-way radios, remote sensors, panic buttons. Mutualink’s mission is to enable these technologies for quick and effective response by bringing the information of right to the right people at the right time”, he said Mark Hatten, CEO, Mutualink. “We are grateful that Parks Associates recognized the importance of a rapid and coordinated response to incidents at schools.”

“It is vitally important that schools take a more integrated approach to e-safety to create safer environments for our children,” he said. Kirk MacDowellPresident, MacGuard Security Advisors Inc. “Supporting efforts like these and SIA’s PASS guidelines to inform the education industry about physical security implementation is needed to drive change.”

Parks Associates acknowledges and thanks the following experts for their contributions to this work:

  • Alex Bertelli – Havenlock
  • Jennifer Doctor – Johnson Controls
  • Peter Giacolone – Giacolone Associates
  • Merlin Guilbeau – ESA
  • Mark Hatten – Mutualink
  • Jennifer Lytle – Chamberlain
  • Kirk MacDowell – MacGuard Security Advisors, SIAC, SIA
  • Thomas Nakatani – ADT
  • Mani Ram – Gadgeon
  • Kelly Shumaker – LiftMaster

Download the survey today and to request input or an interview, please get in touch Rosey Greenhouse IN [email protected]972.996.0233.

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