Plans afoot to help former football administrator

By Morissa Lindsay

A former longstanding referee and administrator, Caveton ‘Food Franklyn’ Greenidge is calling on the football community of Barbados for financial assistance having lost both of his legs and is seeking to raise BDS$20,000 for prostheses.

During a press conference organized today by former Barbados Football Association (BFA) President, George LasCaris, he said that Greenidge has been associated with football for 30-years and in his time of need is calling on all persons within the local fraternity to assist.

“We are trying to make the public aware of an unfortunate rise in circumstances which caused Caveton Greenidge to lose both of his legs. They were amputated below the knee and we are trying to raise funds to purchase prostheses and the total cost is BDS$20,000. Mr Greenidge has had a long association with football and with sports in general. He has served in several capacities in the football association and within the community.

“His relationship not only with football but sports in general within the community is long. Now in his time of need we are hoping that footballers and sports people would come forward and try to assist him. As you can see he has lost both of his legs already and we hope to raise this money in short order so that he can resume as normal a life as possible,” LasCaris told the media.

Greenidge met his life-changing misfortunes in January of this year when he lost his first leg followed by the second in March and has since tried to cope as best as he can. A former national football selector, the 68-year-old Greenidge served under three BFA presidents – LasCaris, Ronald Jones and Randy Harris – now at the helm. He also sat on the Executive Council of the BFA for 15 years and is a member of the disciplinary committee.

He also wore several other hats in the capacity as president of Wotton Football Club which was formerly known as Franklyn Landscaping Wotton. He was also part of Clarke’s Hill Football Club and organized an out-of-season football competition which was geared towards St. Phillip teams contested at the Hilda Skeene Primary playing field.

A man of few words, Greenidge expressed sincere gratitude to persons like LasCaris and others who have come together and assisted in his time of need.

“I appreciate LasCaris and Santa (Edley Malcolm) very much for helping me and I hope many more people come on board,” Greenidge said.

Malcolm, a former Barbados Football Referees Association colleague and friend of Greenidge, was present during the conference and said he was happy to help a man who was like a father figure when he started refereeing.

While they have reached out to several businesses for help, LasCaris said he is disappointed that the BFA has not jumped on board and hopes they will at some point, given the importance and urgency of the matter.

“I am a little disappointed that the BFA has not jumped on board because they have been the main beneficiaries of Mr Franklyn’s expertise and service. Maybe after Qatar they will come on board fully because after Qatar I think we are due to receive three million dollars out of profits from FIFA. So, we will have quite a lot of money that they can share,” LasCaris added.

A special event called the Food Franklin Football Day is in the works and will include a football match to be played between the masters and the referees. There will also be a fish fry and according to LasCaris the proceeds will go towards Greenidge once the date has been confirmed.

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