PV Sindhu’s dance to remix of trending audios is going viral on Instagram. Watch | Trending

If you frequently use social media, especially Instagram, you probably have a good sense of the kind of uproar that two particular trending audios caused there. The first one being the Head Shoulders Knees And Toes song and the second being the Gomi Gomi song. And now there is a trending audio on Instagram that includes both of these viral dance audios at once. This dance trend has been widely adopted by many people, who helped make it what it is today. This time, top badminton player PV Sindhu also made the decision to try out this trend.

It’s possible that, like other Internet users, you will find this dance video to be pretty amazing. “Whatever makes you truly happy, do that!” she wrote while posting the video. She also added a few hashtags, #rightnowitsdance, #lovethelifeyoulive, and #reelitfeelit. The video features PV Sindhu in a pair of black pants, some cool sunglasses and a shrug, among other things.

Watch the video right here:

Since being uploaded on Instagram just a day ago, the video has gotten more than two lakh likes.

One comment reads, “So fun!” “Beautiful dance, PV,” an Instagram user compliments. A third response reads, “You truly make every Indian happy with how you play. And this one is a nice one, India is proud.”

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