Quavo mentions the Sweety elevator incident in the “Messy” video

Quavo revisits his infamous elevator brawl with ex-girlfriend Sweetie in the “Messy” video with Takeoff.

At the 2:45 mark, Quavo is captured on security footage leaning in the corner of an elevator. The scene refers to a reported incident in 2020 involving him and Sweety in which he lunged at her before a fight broke out inside an elevator in a North Hollywood apartment complex.

The scene ends with Quavo picking an orange Call of Duty Shrugging at the case and camera. In surveillance video, Quavo is seen pushing Sweety to the ground as the two wrestle over the oranges Call of Duty Case He placed the case in such a way that it prevented the elevator doors from closing and waited for Sweetie to get off the floor.

Quavo released a statement in response to the elevator footage, denying that he was ever physically abusive towards Sweetie. “We had an unfortunate situation about a year ago that we both learned from and moved on from,” he said. “I didn’t physically abuse Sweety and truly appreciate what we shared overall.”

“This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have since reconciled and overcome this particular disagreement, there were many hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both moved on,” said Sawiti about the incident.

The two broke up before the video was released. Sweety confirmed their split on Twitter, sharing a somewhat cryptic message about what led to their split. “I have endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes to promote a false narrative that undermines my character,” she wrote. “Presentations don’t band aid spots and love isn’t real when intimacy is given to other women.”

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