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Why isn’t Donald Trump condemning the people who are threatening the FBI and other law enforcement officers over his home being searched? That is what a patriotic American would do to try and calm things to prevent violence. Especially one that proclaims to be a supporter of law and order.

It’s gratifying to see Eli Lilly, Cummins, and many other Indiana businesses come out in condemnation of the newly adopted Indiana anti-abortion law. But where were they when the law was being debated, when there might have been some chance (however remote) of preventing it? Ironic that the law was passed by the party that sells itself as “pro-business.” One business analyst has predicted that the impact of the law on the economy of Indiana could be “devastating.” Voters, please remember this in November. The future of Indiana depends on eliminating the stranglehold that an out-of-control Republican party has on our state.

This is not the first time Trump pleaded the 5th. He did it in 1990 during his divorce from Ivana. He would not answer any questions about his committing adultery. Ivana won the settlement. However Trump won in the end. He planted her on a golf course.

If you are scared or angry, get off your butt and VOTE!

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Do you know how guilty you have to be for a federal judge that you appointed to sign off on a search warrant issued by the FBI director you appointed and executed by a DOJ attorney that you also appointed?

Republicans are crying why didn’t they just ask Trump to give them the documents they wanted? They have been asking for over a year and he refused to relinquish them. He thinks he is above the law and can do what he wants. Just like every criminal who needs to be brought to justice.

The middle class was created by the power and negotiating ability of labor unions. They dragged corporate America into the 20th century and forced them to pay real living wages. The Republican Party is anti-union in everything they support and do. So to say that Republicans are needed to secure the future of the middle class exhibits either an immense lack of knowledge and intelligence or is a rather lame attempt to infect others with your depraved gullibility.

It’s unbelievable. But not really. Republicans will not stop attacking the Affordable Care Act, this time filing a lawsuit before a federal judge in Texas that would eliminate coverage for a whole range of preventive care, ranging from vaccinations to cancer screenings, to contraception. Medical analysts estimate that the measure, if it succeeds, would strip coverage for preventive care from as many as 150 million Americans. How much of this GOP “compassionate conservatism” can we possibly stand? Why on earth do people vote for these cruel and heartless people?

I would not put Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz in charge of my cat’s litter box, let alone a congressional committee.

Kudos, commendations, compliments and tributes to the editorial department of the Chicago Tribune! The editorial entitled ‘A witch hunt at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago? No, just plain enforcement of the law. (8-10-22)’ is right on target. The Tribune, which in my opinion leans to the right, should be given credit and recognized for being willing to share the truth in spite of cross winds or philosophy. I strongly believe the editorial will serve to lower the temperature, not fan the flames. More importantly, what was written was just a basic truth. A section in the narrative said, “Americans should see the FBI search for what it is plain, simple enforcement of the law applied to all Americans without sacrifice or prejudice.” I am hoping Indiana papers and the press across the country will follow with similar editorials. This should be the American way!


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